Tuesday, 22 February 2011

How to use Japanese keyboard

I will teach you about how to use Japanese keyboard.
What is different a between a Japanese keyboard and American keyboard?? The Japanese type keyboard using American English.

How to type Japanese
1.Right click the IME language bar and click the `settings`button
2.Click `add` then, choose Japanese in the language bar.
3. Click `OK`
4. Click the IME language bar and choose JP button
5.Click the input mode and choose ひらがな(hiragana)

How to type the word Nihon in Kanji.
After you choose the hiragana input mode you can type inRO-MAN-JI

1.Type`NI HO N` in RO-MAN-JI you will see `にほん`in Hiragana

2.After that click the space key then choose the proper kanji `日本`

Now you can type Nihon in Kanji!!

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