Monday, 14 March 2011


Hi, I'm Marina. I had an interview with an Asahi Nihongo Internship Student.
Marina Farmer(F) / Michael Kaplar(M)

F-Good Morning
M-Good Morning

F-What's your name?
M-I'm Michael Kaplar.

F-Where are you from?
M-I'm from Hamburg, Germany.

F-Why did you choose the Asahi Nihongo school?
M-Because this school offered an internship program.

F-How long do you stay in Fukuoka?
M-5 months

F-Where do you live in Fukuoka?
M-15 Minutes on foot from the School.

F-Could you tell me about Fukuoka City?
M-Oh, Fukuoka City is nice! I enjoy the food and it is convienent, because
everything is in walking distance. There is a high variety of shops and a simple and small public transport system.
Fukuoka City is not too big, and not too small.

F-What are you doing in your Internship?
M-Well, I'm translating the Meditour Website, Online Marketing,
Flyers(Translation and design) and Presentation.

F-What do you want to do after your Internship?
M-Well, actually I am going to the Otaru University of Commerce.

F-Ok. This is my last question!! Why are you still staying in Fukuoka after the earthquake?
M-Well, Fukuoka is safe!! Nothing extremely terrible (i.e.nuclear explosion) is going
to happen. The situation is under control. Despite the earthquake I still want to go to Otaru, because it is also far from danger and relatively safe.

I think he enjoy staying in Fukuoka! I hope he will have good time in Otaru, Hokkaido too.

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