Friday, 4 March 2011

Japanese language

Hello, I am Midori.
Today I will introduce some Japanese language.
It is "失礼(しつれい)します-Shitureishimasu”

It is -
1.A polite word we use when we apologize.
2.A polite word we use when we leave.
3.A polite word we use when we ask someone a question.

For example, you are a student, you have to enter a staff room.
Then, what do you say?
The right answer - "失礼(しつれい)します-Shitureishimasu" , before you enter a staff room.

Why do yo think that is?
when you enter the other person's room, it express the feeling of an apology for interrupting their time.
You don't know what kind of thing were doing in the room.

Possibly, they are in the middle of some work or resting.
Therefore even if you knock on the door and are called to "come in the room" ,
you must say "失礼(しつれい)します-Shitureishimasu" when you enter the room.

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