Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Jogging/Tennis/Movie Night

As we all know exercising and staying fit is one of the most important keys to living a healthy life physically and mentally. It allows us to release stress, forget about our daily problems, and most importantly detoxifies our body and mind from the world we all live in.

Jogging is an exercise that is great for the body and mind and its free. This exercise allows us to exercise all important facets of our body and can be done at one's own pace. It has been medically proven that jogging for 15 minutes a day for five days a week can lengthen one's life up to 10 years. This may not seem important at first glance but what it really tells us is that jogging promotes positive energy levels and helps us keep a balanced life along with increasing our longevity. Please join us every Monday at 4:30 and meet in front of the school.

Also, here at Asahi Nihongo we are offering Tennis. Now, this sport is also great exercise and can be played by all players of every level. Its fun, challenging, and great exercise. Moreover, it can be played in groups or in games of doubles. This makes it even more fun and also rewarding for those who like playing on a team. Tennis is quite an up tempo sport, however, it can be played at a pace where every one can enjoy depending on the levels of the players. Please join us every Thursday at 5pm and meet in front of the school.

Now, entertainment is important for us all. Life would not be life with out some form of entertainment to keep us stimulated and enjoying our lives. We play many different types of movies. The atmosphere here is that of a cinema and there's nothing better than enjoying a movie with friends and fellow peers. This is also great for people looking to forget about daily troubles or stress. Also, movies can be very motivational or heart moving and can give someone or some people a feeling of inspiration or a different perspective that positively affects the way they live every day. Please join us every Tuesday at 18:00. Movie fee is 300 yen. Come join us and enjoy your favorite movies.

The activities here are fun, exciting, and stress free. They provide us with an opportunity to take a step outside of this crazy world and enjoy our lives. Exercising, whether playing tennis or jogging is best for staying fit and mentally sound and most importantly its fun. Movies are entertaining, stimulating, and helps us enjoy our lives more with friends and peers. I would most definitely recommend all three in a week to help and promote your well being while living, working, or studying here in Fukuoka. For further information on how you can participate in any of these activities please contact Abe San at the front desk
Author ~ Miles Harry

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