Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thank you for your donation♪

In our lobby, we have a small donation jar for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku area soon after the disaster.
Many students donated and so as the staff. The donation also included the winnings of 'Janken game' at the 'Hanami'Party. All donations were sent directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The total amount was 10020Yen this time.

Thank you for your cooperation! We still have a donation jar in the school lobby. We appreciate it if you'd donate small coins, such as 1Yen, 5Yen and 10Yen to this jar.

It is said that wealthy people do charity and donate a lot because they know the rules of money energy flow to become rich. They know money is a sort of energy and when they spend their money for charity or donations, the energy flows much better so that they become richer.

Would you like to become rich? Why don't you try by donating?

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