Friday, 8 July 2011

After the Japanese lessons.. Let's come to Xaymaca!

You do not know where to go after the Japanese lessons? Come on down to Xaymaca and enjoy 100% Jamaican food at its finest here in the beautiful city of Fukuoka. The owner named Allen, a Jamaican who lived his adolescent years and his twenties in New York, opened this dining bar to spread and share the culture and fantastic food of the beautiful island of Jamaica.
Allen is a funny, intelligent, gifted and skilled cook who will make your dining adventure a unique one that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Allen has been a chef for close to 20 years and enjoys mingling and engaging in conversations with his patrons who are from all over the world. The dining bar is a nice mix of Japanese locals and internationals. Also, Xayamca is managed by Kim, a Fukuoka local who is a DJ in the Fukuoka Reggae community and looks like a son of Bob Marley in a Japanese kind of way. A must see. Come experience this wonderful environment with your friends and make some new friends. Enjoy Xaymaca!
Author ~ Miles Harry

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