Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beer brewery! 12-7-2011

Asahi Nihongo has events not only to give Japanese lessons but also Japanese experiences and interaction.

Today we went with a group of International students from Asahi Nihongo and Japanese students from our partner school Ritter to the Asahi brewery to get a taste of one of Japan's most popular beers. Here we learned about the process of brewing the beer as well as gaining knowledge on how such a large brewery functions.Of course a beer tasting can't be excluded from this kind of experience and we made good use of this opportunity.

Except for our driver Alexander, who had to be content with drinking one of Asahi's many non-alcoholic juices. Yoshiko-san then proceeded by out-drinking all of the European students making this trip a memorable one.

We had a lot of fun and hope everyone joins us again when we have our next event! You can check out the coming events on this blog, the events page of our website www.japanese-school-asahi.com or at the school itself where we have a schedule.

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