Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tea ceremony activity!

Joyce, Samantha, Peter, Maruyama-san, and I (Kanako) joined the tea ceremony activity on September 6th.They changed to yukata as soon as they got to the Japanese style room. Everyone had yukata which had different designs and colors and they really suited each of the students. They seemed to be satisfied with the yukata they had on.
After changing, our teacher Ms. Matsuyama explained to us what the things in the Japanese style room were called. For example there was tatami, syouji, husuma, and tokonoma. Although they had some previous knowledge of the terms, they made an effort to remember all of them. Thanks to their efforts, they learned them in the end! Even though I am Japanese, I did not know much about the origins of the names so I also learned with the students.
Next, Ms. Matsuyama showed us how to make the tea and then it was the students' turn. Each of them made the tea. Then, Ms. Matsuyama taught us to say "Obannsyou itasimasu" and "osaki ni tyoudai idasimasu" to the others before drinking the tea. At first, they tasted the tea awkwardly but finally became accustomed to the bitter tea. In the end, they all drank it perfectlly!Some of them got pins and needles in their legs because they spent a long time kneeling on the floor in the formal Japanese position.
After the tea ceremony, they seemed to be sad to change from their yukata.
Before changing clothes, they had a good time taking photos with several different poses.
I thought they all would be tired because of sitting in the Japanese style for such a long time, but they looked very happy.

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