Monday, 14 November 2011

Welcome Party 2011-11-11!

Last week a large group of new students arived from Australia. Twelve people who will be staying with us for the next 6 weeks! Now, we don't mind having an excuse for a little party which is exactly what we did.

To give everyone, inlcuding our other students, a warm welcome there was good food to be eaten and a great atmosphere to enjoy on Friday the 11th of the 11th of 2011. We are happy to say a lot of people came. So many in fact that we had to held the party on two floors of our school building! Thank you guys and girls for such a great outcome!

We also had a nice number of Japanese people which meant that we could introduce language partners to each other and have everybody making some new friends and try out or practice the language that they are studying.

We think the party was a great succes! We hope you think so too. If you want leave a comment please do, or check out more photos and comments on our Facebook page:

See you next time!

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