Friday, 16 March 2012

Let's try Karate!

So cool!!This photo is the state of Karate.
Karate is a Japanese martial art which developed since the fifteenth century. It spread from Okinawa to the world after World War Ⅱ, and it is a global sport now. Moreover, Karate is a martial art which women can acquire. Recently, the women who learn Karate as the art of self-defense have been increasing in number. Of course, men can become a strong and cool guy!
Karate activity of this school is held at Akasaka Dojo. There are many Japanese students because this Dojo is well-equipped. Theachers of this Dojo instruct us in the basic movements. And it is a good chance to practice Japanese while you experienc the tradicional Japanese martial art. The application deadline of this activity is March 26th (Mon)!
Let's try Karate together and become healthy and strongly!!
Next Karate Activity:March 27th (Tue) 17:15-19:30
Please bring cimfortable clothing!

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