Friday, 31 August 2012

International Party

today we had an international Party at Asahi Nihongo.
While preparing the food everybody helped out. Today we made a lot of Gyozas. Gyoza is something like a filled meat triangle. It was a lot of fun. The Japanese workers and helpers showed us how to form it. It was a round dough and you had to wet the outsides with water. Then you put a teaspoon of meat and vegetables in the middle of it. Next comes the hard part. You fold it together while making little triangles at the top. Really not easy if you have never done it. But everybody was helping out so it was a lot of fun. And after grilling it, it was really tasty. We also had salad, rice, some sweets, onigiris and something like grilled egg. (i have to admit i forgot the name). It was all very delicious.
The party was mostly made out of students and the working staff, but some brought their friends and family, so it was a multi cultural fun group with people of all ages. Really amazing!
We had a lot of fun and spend our time eating, drinking, laughing and talking. It was a great atmosphere. We had the chance to meet new people and learn about their lives and fun events they did. I think it`s really amazing and important to have these parties.
In the end everybody enjoyed themselves and had a great time.
It was only for 2 hours (from 6-8) but it wasn`t a problem. We were about 35-40 people so enough time to talk to different people.
I`m probably repeating myself but i don`t know how else to describe it.
It was just a fun and amazing night with lots of laughter and great people.
So thanks to everyone who worked hard to organize this event and to all the people attending it.
Thank you! It was great!

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