Thursday, 25 July 2013

Internship-Report Frederick-san

Frederick-san has done an internship at “Hakata Ono” Restaurant in Fukuoka.
Find his report below. Thank you for coming and good job, Frederick-san!


After finishing my 4 weeks of Japanese classes at Asahi Nihongo, I took the chance to do an internship in my professional field via Asahi Nihongo. I’ve been working at a hotel in customer services in Montreal, Canada for 10 Years. They referred me to many places; one of them was Hakata Ono, one of the many restaurants of the Ono Group in Fukuoka. I was told it was a friendly place and one of the nicest restaurants in town. I had my interview on June 22 and on the next day, I started. What a nice experience! Ever wanted to work into a Japanese restaurant in Japan? (This one actually serves Chinese food, though). Well, I had the chance to work there and as well improve my Japanese every day. It was a new, nice challenge for me.

I learned how to greet my co-workers (when I started working: おはようございまand when I left work: おつかれさまでした), and customers as well (when they entered: いらっしゃいませ or left the restaurant: ありがとうございました). Something typically Japanese. Also, I learned how to give おしぼ(wet tissue to clean your hands before eating) to the customers by saying ようこそ and how to make Onigiri. I also prepared a few cocktails and beers at the bar, served drinks to the tables, cleaned glasses and dried utensils. The usual restaurant job, but this time in Japan! 

The staffs were friendly and professional, and the managers too. For me; these 4 weeks of internship overall were a fun experience and moreover a chance to practice Japanese in a nice environment in Japan, rather than working in an office building in front of a computer. I love working with people at my hotel in Canada, so for me, it was very nice to socialize with the clients and staff here in Fukuoka. I think everyone was happy to practice English a bit, and I could practice Japanese. A Nice cultural exchange! I recommend to anyone who wants do to an internship to apply at Asahi Nihongo, they will find you a place where you can practice your Japanese, communicate with Japanese people and improve your overall skills.
I can say that it was an unforgettable experience for me.

Frédérick Bonnefoy

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