Monday, 9 September 2013

Internship at Asahi Nihongo

Nice to meet you. My name is Saki, I am a student at Kagoshima University and currently doing an internship at Asahi Nihongo.

My major at university is Chemistry.

Last year, I went to Canada for working holiday because I am very interested in international relations. I hope I can use the experience I got in Japan and Canada to support Asahi Nihongo and its students.

My hobbies are football and making bread. See you all soon.

My name is Gautam,I am from India. I am studying in Kyushu Sangyo University. My major is ‘International Mnagement’.

My hobbies are playing table tennis and cooking.

After finishing my schooling I studied Japanese language for three years and started working in a Japanese travel agency as a Japanese interpreter. I worked there for two years but I wanted to improve my Japanese and work in Japan so I came here two years ago in Oct. 2011.

I am looking forward to experiencing work at a language school.

My name is Ding Yingmin, I am from China.

Now I am studying at Fukuoka University. I want to work in Japan after my graduation. I am doing an internship to gain some experience about work life in Japan.

I have been learning English since I was in primary school. I like to communicate with many people.

I didn’t use English for a long time since I came to Japan and I’m afraid that I can speak only a little or even forgot most of it.

However, I want to take part in the events at Asahi Nihongo, like the International Party. Thank you to everyone who helped me and I also want to help others. I want to promote my ability through the internship and gain experience.

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