Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Camp in Yame

On December 24, I went Christmas camping to Yame with 15 Tasmanian students
and Alex san. We took train from Fukuoka station to Kurume,then we went to Joyo-cho,Yame
by Ground Work car. The first activity was "Sobauchi"experience in "Furusato Warabekan"
We divided into 3-groups and cooked Soba(buckwheat noodles) It was tasty!!
After that we made " Kami-koputa"(paper-helicopter), on which we wrote our
wish, and flew them. May all our wishes come true!! Next was Green Tea experience in
"Hotaru-Ishibashino yakata" We learned how to make good tea and drank together.
And then we went to Hoshinomura, and visited "Heiwanotoo". And finally Hot Spring which everyone looks forward. Girls seemed to be satisfied with outside hotspring. On the way to "Kawaguchitei" where we stayed, we did shopping and we cooked curry and rice and salad for dinner. After dinner we did some game and spread Futon. It was all for the 1st day.
On the next day we experienced making "Kadomatsu"(a pair of auspicious pine and bamboo decorations placed in front of a house during the New Year period) We brought the Kadomatsu back to our school.

It was really cold but was very much fun two days!!

Photos >>>>

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