Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kimono Fitting

This is your chance! Feel like a Japanese person from 100 years ago, wear a real kimono and get professional make-up which makes you look like a real geisha!
After the dressing, make-up and hair change, you won´t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore! Take this opportunity, meet some nice, young Japanese girls and guys who are students of a beauty college and can make you look like you never looked before! Talk to them in Japanese and English and enjoy the day with them!Don´t worry guys! You can join too (without the make-up)!At the end of the day, we´ll take some pictures which will always remind you of this adventure! Ask your foreign friends and sign up now because there is onlyspace for 10 people!

Kimono Fitting
Date: 16th of Feb. 2011
Place: ASO Beauty College
Meeting point: Asahi Nihongo School
Fee: 2000 Yen

17:00: Meet us at Asahi Nihongo
17:30: Kimono Fitting
19:15: Pictures
19:30: Departure

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