Saturday, 5 February 2011

New Japanese Characters????

We Germans like the Japanese Kanji characters a lot, not only the Suetterlin script. And this includes the Hiragana and Katakana also. So when I am walking down the street, I am always reading the signboards and adverts, even looking them up in my little electric dictionary.
Imagine my shock when I walked down Watanabe Dori last week and discovered a signboard I could not decipher. And it was impossible to look it up in my electric dictionary neither.
I was furious. I was decided to go to the " Oki Camera Shop " (or so, I forget the exact name) to return the dictionary and complain. Plus I wanted to get my money back then.
As a matter of fact my business Japanese is just not up to par. Yet. So I asked one of my Japanese friends for help. She offered to go to the shop first to check the sign. Hazukashiiiiii ...... it was in Katakana all right, only each character was written upside down. (The Japanese they are polite people but I could see the lips of my friend twitching a little. And I think she went not around the corner to look up the bus schedule as she said but to have a hearty laugh on me 一人で).
Anyway now I know that my electric dictiomary is OK. Plus I had to treat Naoko chan to a nice dinner and that was not bad either ... ... I wonder if there are any more upside down advertisements in Fukuoka ??

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