Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hi! I'm Yuka. I had an interview with an ASAHI NIHONGO Student.

Yuka Miyahara(Y)/Alexander Schwab(A)

Y - Good Morning.
A - Good Morning.

Y - May I have your name please?
A - I'm Alexander Schwab.

Y - Where are you from?
A - I'm from Salzburg, Ausutria. But I don't live there, now.

Y - Is it the first time to come here?
A - Yes.

Y - What did you do in your country?
A - Well, I went to a trainig school and I got a diploma, and I was working as a warehouse clerk.

Y - How long are you going to stay?
A - 6 months.

Y - Where are you staying now?
A - Flatshare.

Y - How is it?
A - Funny.

Y - How about Fukuoka?
A - Funny and Nice.

Y - Why did you come to Japan?
A - For studying Japanese.

Y - So, why did you choose an ASAHI NIHONGO school?
A - Oh, it's cheap and anyone can start course every week!!

Y - How is your class?
A - Funny.

Y - By the way, I heard that you decided to stay longer? Is it truth?
A - Yes.

Y - Why?
A - It's cheaper staying here than going back to a praivate school in Austria.

Y - Ok. Can you tell me good things about Japan?
A - Because, it's funny, warm, friendly, good food, sweets and bakeries. Especially, raisin breads. It's cheap and delicious.

Y - This is my last question. Do you have some plans you want to do in Japan?
A - I wanna study Japanese legends. For example, about a fox, a tanuki(racoon dog)and a kappa(a water imp).

He's surely enjoy this Fukuoka city. By the way, He loves "Tokkei Winspector" and Toshiba. Do you know "Tokkei Winspector"?

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