Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hi! I' m Yuka again. I had an interview with an ASAHI NIHONGO student.

Yuka Miyahara(Y)/Letizia Battuto(L)

Y - May I have your name please?
L - I'm Letizia Battuto.

Y - Where are you from?
L - I'm from Milan in Italy. I'm a University of Miran student and sophomore. I'm studying Japanese and Chinese at the University.
Y - Wow! Great!

Y - Is it the first time to come to Japan?
L - No, second time. I stayed in Tokyo last summer.

Y - How long are you going to stay?
L - 3 months.

Y - Where are you staying now?
L - I'm staying in flatshare. I'm living with 2 german girls.

Y - How about Fukuoka?
L - Interesting!! I love a Ohori park. It's peaceful and lovely. There are too many people and prices are high in Tokyo, so I love Fukuoka. Everything is different between Italy and Japan. Especially, I was so surprised vehicles drive on the left in this coutry.

Y - What were you doing on your weekend?
L - I shopped with some of my friends. I went to Ropponmatsu to eat Sushi at a revolving sushi bar. It was delicious!!! I love Japanese foods. Especially, I like Okonomiyaki!

Y - Why did you come to Japan?
L - Because, I love Japanese things. When I was in Junior-High, I loved Manga and Anime, but now I love Japanese culture.

Y - So, why did you choose an ASAHI NIHONGO school?
L - I saw an ASAHI NIHONGO website on Internet. And I don't know why, a map of Fukuoka had been tucked on my notebook of my childhood!! That's why I chose here.

Y - How is your class?
L - Interesting.

Y - Ok, this is my last question. What are you going to do in Japan?
A - I don't know.
Y - Why don't you join any activities? How about Ohanami?
A - Ohanami!! I definitely wanna watch Cherry blossoms. I'm so psyched!

Letizia san is very good commander of Japanese, actually. By the way, I was so surprised she had a map of Fukuoka since she was child. It was destiny, wasn't it? She was so friendly and lovely, and I found she loves Japan a lot.

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