Thursday, 24 March 2011

Interview Ⅱ♪

Hi! I'm Fumiko. I had an interview with a former student that wants to train to become a German teacher at the Ritter School.

Fumiko Inoue (F) / Katrin Stamm (K)

F- Hello!
K- Hello!

F- May I have your name please?
K- I'm Katrin Stamm.

F- I'm heard about you , you were an ASAHI NIHONGO student before. How long ago?
K- It was 3 years ago. I learned Japanese language for a month, after that I worked at a Japanese company for 3 months as an intern.

F- What's your purpose this time?
K- I love Japan!!! I came to Japan for the purpose of speaking Japanese very well more than now.

F- How did you come across the opportunity to train in teaching the German language at Ritter School?
K- I worked at a German National tourist Board in Tokyo. There is a main office in Frankfurt.
When I worried about my terrible experience after the earthquake in Touhoku - Kanto area, the owner of Ritter School told me "Fukuoka is safe!!!" And I've just arrived at Fukuoka.

F- Really, My heart was saddened by the earthquake. What do you like about Fukuoka and Tokyo?
K- There are many attractive places to enjoy myself in Tokyo. And in Fukuoka there is a sea nearby town, and it's not crowded on the street which make me feel quite comfortable.

F- What do you usually do on your weekend?
K- I usually meet my friends and shop.

F- So, this is my last question. What are your plans from now?
K- I love Japan very much!!I want to get a job related to Japan and after keep on studying Japanese language.

Katrin is beautiful with brilliantly blond hair, but I could see she was terrified by the earthquake still despite that, she answered my question in this interview while smiling.
Thank you very much.
I felt her heart must love Japan since she decided to remain in Japan after all of her friends went back to Germany. I'm looking forward to hearing that you become a teacher of German after training.
I'm cheering for you!!! Support..........Support............Katrin!!!!!

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