Saturday, 19 March 2011

We Germans like the chopstick

We Germans like the chopstick a lot, not only the silver cutlery. But I must admit, it is sometimes a little bit tiresome for me to use them.

Anyway I was in this tiny little izakaya restaurant and I had had some nice little Sapporo beers and some tasty little izakaya food when the ugly little devil on my left shoulder began to whisper in my ear ... ... is it not inconvenient to use chopsticks when there is such a thing like a fork already invented. Especially after the first beer and its three brothers had started to, ahem, do what they ought to do, namely making me feel nice and relaxed. Plus I would not get any compliments for my dexterity with the chopsticks now (here the beer did what it did not ought to do).

So I ordered a fork and within the blink of an eye eating became waaay more relaxed. (As a matter of fact, drinking also, but that is another story).

But then I looked at the next table there was a party of five people with a little girl who was about two and a half years old. And boy she did not miss a beat with her chopsticks. Hazukashiiii - being beaten by a little girl. I swore to myself I would never ever use a fork in Japan again.

But on the other hand ... that girl was some years away from legal age for drinking yet. So before she can realise my problems in handling chopsticks in a tipsy state I can really really practise hard. Gambarimasho !!

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