Saturday, 16 April 2011

We Germans like riding the bus a lot

We Germans like riding the bus a lot, not only the BMW Auto. So when I come to Fukuoka I always ride the bus to school or to visit Tenjin and so on. (We Germans also like walking a lot, but maybe this is another story). But it was a little difficult to get used to it as a matter of fact at first.

You know when I for the first time stood at the bus station at the Watanabe dori there was a queue at the little bus stand house. But when the bus came I saw that all the people were standing at the wrong place ... ... since you have to enter the bus via the front door (in Germany you have to, that is). So when all the people who wanted to get out of the bus had gotten out (of the front door, which was a little strange, as I already mentioned) I wanted to enter and buy a ticket from the driver. But while a german driver is always eager to sell me a ticket, his japanese colleague was not ... ... he was rather blunt gesturing me not to enter and to to go back saying in japanese "something anything o kudasai" (I did not understand much more at that time).

And then he shut the door and drove on but when he saw that there were some people still standing behind he stopped and opened the rear door, so I could enter too. Hazukashiiii ... ... you always enter a japanese city bus by the rear. And twice hazukashiiii you take a little ticket from the ticket machine to pay the fare later at the front exit when you get out which I of course forgot.

But I was lucky anyway ... ... it was a 100 yen bus, and the ticket is always 100 yen so the driver was pleased when I threw a 100 yen coin into the slot just like the passengers in front of me. Anyway, maybe I bring my BMW Auto next time so I won`t have difficulties riding the bus. (But that can be a problem also because the steering wheel is on the wrong side ... ... hazukashiiii).

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