Monday, 25 July 2011

Marine Sports Introduction

Hey there everyone,

I'm Ruben and I'm the intern in charge of Asahi Marine Sports. I'd like to introduce myself a little as to make sure we won't be strangers when we meet. You know me already anyway! I'm from The Netherlands and 25 years old. Currently studying Communication&Media, this will be my final year so I thought let's go to Fukuoka to make it a bit more special and exciting.

I will be involved with everything that involves Asahi Marine Sports and always willing to help if you have questions or if there's a problem. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Fukuoka is a wonderful place to be, but don't forget there is a lot of other stuff to enjoy near Fukuoka. You don't get to be such a great city on the coast without having some awsome beaches and Fukuoka has plenty. Please join us and come to Fukuma beach were you can experience a different side of Japan!!

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