Monday, 25 July 2011

SOS Kinderdorf and Suginoya beer factory visit 24-7-2011!

Last Sunday we had an all German activity day! The Deutsch Japanische Gesellschaft Westjapan (German Japanese Society of Westjapan) had ready a day full activities for us that decided to join. You did not have to be exclusively Japanese or German to join, so together with some of our German students other nationalities were present too. We kicked off with a visit to the much need SOS Kinderdorf in Imazu. Here we were told why such a refugee village is necessary in light of recent events and what could be done to help. We also good a tour through the village to show what the organisation does. It was a touching experience and the village surely is a comfort to the children and families who have to take shelter there.

After this humbling experience it was time to eat and drown away our sorrows. A visit to the local Suginoya beer brewery was much anticipated. And upon entering what looked like an Old farm building the fun could begin. Beer as much as you can take and an endless supply of German foods took a toll from most of the people present. Expected but still surprising was that everyone`s level of German at the activity was really high! German chatter could be heard throughout the building and at some point Japanese people burst into enthusiastic versions of classical Schubert songs and a number of German drinking songs. A fun note to make about this is that there was allot of interaction with our students. A steady stream of buisness cards went into our hands and we left with our wallet full of introductions.

If you get a chance to join the DJG on one of their German activities please do! You won`t regret it. We would also like to thank everyone for being so kind and welcoming and making our German students feel a little bit at home and our international students welcomed.

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