Wednesday, 17 August 2011

City Tour Activity

On the 15th of August, we took our new students on our City Tour introduction. We visited some places in the city of Fukuoka.
First, we went to Ankokuji temple. We learned how to burn incense. And we took a photo.

Next, we visited 100yen-shop and Tenjin underground shopping center. There were many nice things to buy. After, we visited Junkudo(bookstore) and Big camera(camera store). Finally, we went to Kego jinja shrine.

Look at this photo. They are washing their hands and rinsing out their mouths with the water. We call it "Tyozu". It's a Japanese custom which you should do before worshipping at a shrine. After that, we worshiped and took a photo.

Fukuoka has many unique shops and Japanese cultural things most of which is for yourselves to explore. We just gave you the introduction! After the tour everyone was tired because they walked a lot. But everyone had fun!
It was good time, thank you!

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