Monday, 15 August 2011

origami activity

Origami Activity
Hello, we are Yoshida and Katagiri.
On 11th of August, we had an Origami at 16:30. We participated and we experienced the activity with Isabella.

First we enjoyed looking at many kinds of origami. This was the first time for Isabella to make origami, so she was amazed by it.
When she saw a design of an origami, she said, "Looks like sharingan!" (sharingan: an eye which has a design like a wheel, which is a character, in the anime NARUTO)
Yeah, exactly! We Japanese were surprised by this because Japanese anime spreaded more than we thought!

We made a piano with an origami sheet first. It was a piece of cake. But the difficulty increased gradually.
We made these things : many kinds of boxes, a warrior's helmet, which is made of a sheet of newspaper, a shuriken for ninja, a pretty chopstick case, and a snail.
We were impressed by the snail particularly. We made a snail shell on the back of the snail perfectly.

Some of the works, we didn't know what they were until we finished them.
We are Japanese, but we realised again that origami was interesting. Isabella also very enjoyed it.

This is a photo with the warrior's helmet we made. The two girls hold something in their hands, don't they? It's kappa!

And these are all our works!

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