Monday, 8 August 2011

An eating person

We Germans like to brag a little bit sometimes, not like the Japanese who rather than not put their inabilities in front of their abilities and skills.

Since I am a person who likes good food a lot, be it western or Japanese food, I not only wanted to impress my friends at the Izakaya with new words. I also wanted to learn from my examples and experience. So I asked my friend Kenji again for good words.

"No problem", he said, he had just the perfect word for me which was "Isseki nichou" ... meaning everybody would be instantaneously impressed AND speechless. The word for gourmet eater in Japanese is "SHOKUJIJIN" he told me (= an eating person). And since there was a kanji for eating in the word (食事人). I knew he did not set me up like with the last new words. Anyway he told me to use the word with discretion and only when he was present since bragging is a difficult thing in Japan.

So when I was in m favorite Isakaya again with my friends I nevertheless used the new word, saying (after some preliminary kampai's): "Japanese food is great, but we Germans also like the "SHOKUJIN" a lot. Maybe I can prepare you all a special dish in the future."

Boy oh boy, that was really a big success ... Not only were all my friends speechless and impressed ... some of them even gagged or went to the loo, leaving for home shortly afterwards.

But when I came to the office the other day with my home made german obento my colleague next to me asked me I I really was a cannibal ... .... hazukashiiii - obviously this was the real meaning there ...

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