Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello! I’m an internship student, Yuki Nagatomo.
Now, I’ll introduce myself. I’m from Miyazaki, so I live in Fukuoka alone. I’m a Fukuoka University student.

My favorite places are Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. I have been there many times. The more I go to Disney Land and Sea, the more I like it there. Disney Sea’s areas are made in the image of many different country’s buildings, music and smell. So when I go there, I want go abroad.

I have stayed in Australia for 1 month. It was the first time I went abroad so there were many problems. But my host family was very kind so I spent wonderful 1 month in Australia.
When I went there, I felt that if I can speak English more, I can communicate more.
I want to communicate in this internship more than I did in Australia.

I’ll do my best and smile every day so please treat me kindly.

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