Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Interview with Jennifer from Austria

I interviewed Jennifer who came from Austria for an internship!

Kayo (K) - May I have your name?
Jennifer(J) - Jennifer.

K - Where are you from?
J - I’m from Austria.

K - What made you decide to come to Fukuoka?
J - I study Japanology at the University of Vienna, and want to fulfill my studies with an internship in Japan.

K - Why did you choose this school?
J - A friend of mine already had an internship here and he recommended me this place, because he felt that the surroundings, the staff and nearly everything about this school is great.

K - How is Fukuoka?
J - Fukuoka is a great city, but it really is humid. Can’t handle the heat.

K - What do you do during your free time in Fukuoka?
J - I love to go shopping and meeting up with friends.

K - What do you want to do in the future?
J - Actually I don’t really know yet. At first I want to fulfill my studies and I’m sure to come back to Japan again.

Jennifer who is attractive and beautiful.

Thank you for answering my interview.

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