Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Interview with Ruben from the Netherlands

I interviewed Ruben who came from the Netherlands for an internship!

Kayo Ikebe(K) – May I have your name?
Ruben faas(R) - My name is Ruben.

K - Where are you from?
R - I’m from The Netherlands

K - What made you decide to come to Fukuoka?
R - Interest in the Japanese culture and I wanted to improve my language

K - Why did you choose this school?
R - The staff at the school seemed very friendly. I also liked the interactive character of the school. You don’t just do Japanese activities but actually meet and interact with a lot of Japanese people.

K - How is Fukuoka?
R - Fun, but hot

K - What do you do during your free time in Fukuoka?
R - I try to see everything in Fukuoka, I eat a lot and meet friends

K - What do you want to do in the future?
R - I want to graduate and try to keep in touch with all the people I have met in Fukuoka. I want to try and take all the experiences I had here with me in my future life.

Ruben who is cool and friendly.
He likes marine sports. When it comes to marine sports, he talks very happily.
Thank you for answering my interview.

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