Wednesday, 14 September 2011

origami activity

On September 8th, an origami activity was held at Asahi Nihongo.Samantha from America, Luise from Germany and I (Kaho) participated in this activity.
Ms. Kawaguchi taught us how to fold origami. To my surprise, she is also a student of this school and she studies German!During the activity, we tried to speak ONLY Japanese.
There were various designs of origami. The colors were really beautiful. We also used newspaper and washi (Japanese paper.)With these things, we made pianos, rabbits, flowers, helmets, ninja stars and cranes.

Samantha and Luise concentrated very hard on this activity. Both of them did great work. They were surprised when Ms. Kawaguchi told them that origami is taught in kindergarten in Japan.

At the end of the activity, Ms. Kawaguchi gave us presents!One was a cute coin purse with a crane decoration and another was as origami rabbit.We were impressed with her unexpected gifts...
Though we spent only a short time, we had a great time! I want to join in activities like this again. You can also join us whenever you like!

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