Friday, 16 September 2011

Interview with Julie and Jannius

I intervewed Jannius and Julie who come to asahi nihongo to study Japanese.

Kanako(K)-Where are you from?
Jannius Tembridis(Ja)&Julie Henning(Ju)-Germany

K-Why did you come to Japan?
Ju-To study Japanese.
Ja-I also just wanted to study Japanese at first,but now I enjoy my self here with my friends who are like myfamily.

K- What do you do in your free time?
Ju-I study a little, go to Karaoke and so on.
Ja-I go to the bar or the beach.

K-Which place do you like the best?
Ju-Momochihama,Ohori and the library in Momochi.

K-which foods do you like?
Ju-Inarizushi and a meron-flavored bun.
Ja-Grilled meat and grilled chicken is also good!In my country,I also eat those frequently.Those in Japan are very delicious!

Both Jannius and Julie can speak Japanese well,so that is why I talked with them in Japanese.When I spoke to them,they were studying,however,it is kind of them to agree this intervew.
Thank you!

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