Friday, 16 September 2011

A waterfall activity!!

A waterfall training activity was held at Yoro Waterfall on Sep.15th.
Alex, Samantha, Joyce, Peter and I(Kentaro) participated in it.First of all. They changed their clothes. These clothes suited them very well!Then, we got used to the coldness of the water by slowly putting our feet in it.The water was very cold because it is september. Next, we put our hands together and bowed to the shrine. Before standing under the waterfall, we each threw salt in three directions(to our right,to our left and in front of us).Finally, we entered the water with exclamations for self-encouragement.Then we chanted "On barodaya sowaka" in a loud voice while standing under the waterfall.This phrase is Sanskrit used to call for an Indian water god. This is Alex standing under the waterfall. Their faces after waterfall training looked refreshed.According to the priest's story, waterfall training is done only in Japan.Please participate in a waterfall training because you can't experience it outside Japan.

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