Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Visit a foot spa (Ashiyu) 02-11-2011

Today we went to the Ashiyu Foot Spa which is located at the "New High Rise Apartment" of Minato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi near the Fukuoka Central Fresh Fish Wholesale Market. We left the school at around 1pm and arrived after a nice short walk not too long after.

Here our Asahi Nihongo group dipped and rested their feet in scorching hot water. This might sound unpleasant but it was actually very relaxing! The surroundings were also quite nice. At the small Onsen you sit with your feet and face towards the harbor, giving you an interesting view. The whole thing had a nice calm picknicky atmosphere! We chatted, had some laughs, met some locals and, most importantly, had a lot of fun!

If you want to rest your feet too sometimes or want to have a good cultural experience then please look up the Ashiyu foot Onsen yourself or join us on our next great activities!

Have a look at this blog or Facebook ( for more information. See you next time!

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