Friday, 4 November 2011

A whole day of activities! 03-11-2011 Mt Mikazuki

What do you do when its the national "culture" day in Japan? You go and experience Japanese culture, that's what. Now culture is a very broad term. We like to think that culture is not only going to museums and temples, but also experience what a normal day person would experience when living in Fukuoka, Japan.

That is why Thursday was a good good day. The weather was nice, the temperature was nice and we took a great group of students and friends with us on a fun, normal, day-trip hiking some mountains near Fukuoka. After picking everyone up from school, the first mountain that we went to was Mikazuki. Being 272m high it is a good warm up and the awesome view made everyone hungry for more. Alex, one of Asahi Nihongo's main figures and characters, was really nice and enthousiastic to let people experience more and explain so much. You can hear his enthusiasm and love for Fukuoka and Japan when he speaks. Good for motivation!

After one more mountain it was time to fill our bellies with sushi, the perfect food after having done some exercise. Of course relaxing our muscles had to be done in a traditional onsen, which we did at the Yu no Hana onsen. PERFECT ending after a satisfying day of exercise. And what do you do when you are nice and relaxed? Right, you have good food. We closed the day at one of the traditional Fukuokan food stalls, called Yatai, on the streets of Fukuoka. Thank you Alex and everyone who joined for the great day/night. Let's do this again soon!!

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