Saturday, 25 February 2012

My trep to NAGASAKI!

Hello, I'm Ai.
Nice to meet you.
I'm a member of JAT2012. JAT means Japanese Assistant Teater at Tasmania, Australia.I'll go there from 17th March.I write Japanese blog after reaching Tasmania, but I'm going to write English blog before that.
Satomi-san writes like this blog before and I will take over it from her.If you have a chance to visit this Website, see and enjoy my blogs!I went to Nagasaki on February 10th.
First, I visited GLOVER GARDEN.
Many Western houses in the city were moved to Minami-Yamate, and Glover Garden was born. Since then, Glover Garden has remained a much-loved major tourist attraction in Nagasaki.Especially, this is a Glover house. Mr.Glover was a great trader at Japanese Edo and Meiji period.Secondly, I went to Chinese street and I ate SARA UDON there.That's very delicious and I was full up.

This store is a street like CHINA.Nagasaki has a lot of aspect like CHINA and HOLLAND.
That's why Nagasaki was a only Japan's port in the old days.So there are many foreign culture.
Lastly, I visited Atomic bomb museum and Peace Park.
That statue is a HEIWA-KINEN-ZOU(Peace memoral statue).Right hand indicate the threat of Atomic bomb and left had indicate Peace and Nagasaki's future.Many people pray world peace every tear on 9th August.Don't happen like this tragedy in the world.I visited many place a day, but there a lot of oher places I have to go.Nagasaki also has delicious foods like KASUTERA(sponge cake).I can't tell all NAGASAKI's charm here.Best thins is visiting by yourself!I want introduce Japan again.See you.

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