Friday, 24 August 2012

City Tour in Tenjin

Yesterday, I took part in a “City Tour” with other internship students from Germany.
I am 18 years old and there are other 18 years old, too!!!! I was very happy.

We went to Ankoku-ji, the 100yen shop, Rainbow plaza, Kego-jinjya, and Mandarake. We walked a lot so my feet were crying ^^

Ankoku-ji is not so far from the school. There were many people eating lunch, and taking pictures.
 The 100yen shop is in North Tenjin. So other internship students from German, they bought some things.
The Rainbow plaza is in the IMS (Inter Media Station). A lot of foreigners gather there.
And there is a lot of information about Japan.
 Kego-jinjya is very beautiful place. It is in the center of Tenjin.
And Mandarake sells a lot of comic and figure. To my surprise, comic are sold about at only 52yen!!!!

 I had very good and special time. Thank you.

Mayuko Takahashi

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