Thursday, 20 December 2012

Interview with Jasmina

Jasmina Kröber is doing the Internship program with the help of Asahi Nihongo. She comes from Fürth, Germany and is 18 years old. Jasmina found her place to work in the “Kyushu Gaigo College”, a Language School for Japanese people.

Why are you successful?
I try to see the positive things in every situation, even though it might seem hopeless. 

What are you doing in Fukuoka?
I’m working in the English school “Kyushu Gaigo College”. Sometimes, I take part in the classes there, but generally I help the staff with its daily responsibilities and duties.

What’s next?
After I finished the internship, I will return to Germany and start a job at a hotel.

Please give advice to those who are going to do the work and travel program in Fukuoka.
Don’t be too shy, take every help you get offered and just try to enjoy every Japanese custom. 

Thank you very much! 

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