Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Interview with Tobias

Tobias Thamm is 18 years old and one of the Interns at Asahi Nihongo. He comes from
Germany, Berlin. As his Internship he does the Assistant-Teacher program at Ritter School. At the Ritter School he does the German Tutorial, as well as some lessons for regular German-learning students.
Most of the time, he is doing office-work and preparing activities for the students.

Why are you successful?
I try to look ahead in every situation, even when there seems to be no way out of it.

What are you doing in Fukuoka?
I am doing an internship at the Ritter School as an assistant teacher, where I have some classes and do office-work, but also lead several events for the students of the Ritter School. While living in Fukuoka, I try to get in touch with the Japanese lifestyle and culture.

What's next?
After finishing my internship I want to study at university in Berlin.

Please give advice to those who are going to do the work and travel program in Fukuoka.
Prepare well before you come to Japan. You get lost easily in Japan without guidance.
Also, keep being open-minded and learn from the Japanese culture, which can be both, inspiring and confusing. 

Thank you very much! 

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