Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nihon Ryouri

„Nihon Ryouri“, which means Japanese food, does not just mean Sushi and Rice balls. Indeed it is not rare that Japanese sometimes eat rice three times a day, but the Japanese diet also includes a wide variety of different noodle dishes.

 “Soba” for example are brown colored noodles made of buckwheat. They are very high in fiber, healthy and can be eaten hot in soup with toppings like fried seafood or seaweed and cold with a kind of dipping sauce.

 “Udon”, very soft, thick and white wheat flour noodles can be eaten in many ways as well. Similar to “Soba” you can eat them hot or cold, but also fried with meat and a lot of vegetables.

 “Lamen”, recently very popular in the Western countries, are mostly thin wheat noodles served in a meat based broth with different toppings like a boiled egg, sliced pork or dried seaweed. There are 4 different main flavors of soup you can find in Japan, but the most popular one in Fukuoka is called “Tonkotu”. It is a white colored broth made from boiling pork bones.

 “Chanpon” is a noodles dish, originally from Nagasaki. The yellow colored noodles are served in a soup made with chicken and pig bones and lots of fried vegetables, pork and seafood. It is very delicious and because of the big amount of vegetables very healthy as well.

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