Thursday, 17 January 2013

Winter foods

While we are halfway through winter, we still have many colds days ahead. In this weather, there are many dishes that suit the season well.

1)    Ramen, and other noodle based dishes
Noodles based dishes, such as ramen and udon, are very warming, and are also cheap. The ramen/udon is usually served in a soup-like dish, so you can also drink the delicious stock it is served in.

2)    Shabu Shabu
The idea of shabu shabu is to place the raw meat/vegetables into a boiling pot of water (usually with choices of stock), and allow it to cook. ‘Shabu shabu’ is the onomatopoeia for moving the food around in the pot.
Many shabu shabu restaurants have ‘all you can eat’ offers for usually 90 minutes, so you can eat as much as you want, and it’s very warming too.

3)    Hot pot
Hot pots are very popular in winter. The idea is to cook food in a pot, in water. There are many variations (oden is also a type of hot pot), and shabu shabu is one of those variations.

All of these meals are great at warming the body, and are a must in winter. These meals will help you survive the winter.

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