Friday, 15 March 2013


Momochihama is a section of Fukuoka city, a few kilometers west of Tenjin. What makes Momochihama such a great place is there are many attractions, all for different people.
First of all, the Fukuoka Tower is found only a few hundred metres away from the coast. It is unique, in that its outside is covered in glass. From the top of the tower, there is a great panoramic view of the Fukuoka area.
Next, the Fukuoka City museum is located in Momochihama. As with any museum, it is a great place to learn about Japan.
Close by, there is a disaster prevention centre, where you can learn all about Japan’s disaster prevention techniques, and also participate in an artificial earthquake scenario.
There are many other places in Momochihama: the beach, Robo-Square, (a place where robots are showcased) and a baseball stadium close by. Momochihama has many surprises, and it is a worthwhile place to visit while in Fukuoka.
(Travelling to Momochihama takes around 20 minutes by catching the Nishitetsu 302 bus)

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