Monday, 11 March 2013


Karaoke is an activity in which you sing to the music of songs which have had the original singers voice removed, making you the star. In Japan, karaoke buildings are all over the place, with equipment aiding you to sing those songs.
Karaoke originates from Japan, and many Japanese go to Karaoke buildings with friends. It is known as a good way of bonding, as many people can join in singing the same song, and the atmosphere is very nice. Most karaoke buildings also offer meals and drinks too.
There are thousands of songs to sing, the majority being English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese songs.
Karaoke is popular all over the world, but nowhere near as popular in Japan: because of that, there are many places you can go to sing karaoke. The most popular place in Tenjin is Tenjin Nishi-doori, where at least a dozen karaoke places exist.

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