Thursday, 7 March 2013

Omiyage in Fukuoka

When visiting anywhere in Japan, most people buy some sort of gift from the place they are visiting. Each prefecture has purposely created unique foods and gifts for people to take home as souvenirs, or ‘omiyage’. The prefectures try to convey the style through these omiyage.
These omiyage can be found at most train stations and airports, so it is very convenient.
The most well known omiyage in Hakata are Hakata Tori-mon - a small cake, which is very sweet - and the tonkotsu ramen – a style of ramen using a unique stock. They are found in many shops in and around the main Fukuoka area.
Mentaiko - a form of marinated fish eggs - is popular as well. This may seems odd for foreigners, but it is
No matter what your or your friends tastes are, there is always some new food to try in a new city when you explore Japan.

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