Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Nimoca Card

The Nimoca Card is one of the many IC (Integrated Circuit) cards in Japan that makes catching public transport in Japan very easy. Its use is mainly confined to public transportation in the Fukuoka prefecture.
The Nimoca Card works as a pre-paid card, when catching public transport. Machines are in places at the boarding & destination points; by simply swiping the card at the ticket gates, they calculate the fare and deduct the right amount.
For the regular commuter, these cards are very useful, since you don’t need to carry as much money around, and they save time by not needing to buy tickets.
The Nimoca card can also be used in place of money at most convenience stores, vending machines and some restaurants & shops in Fukuoka city (e.g. Solaria Stage, Tenjin Core), making it even more useful to carry one around.

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