Thursday, 22 August 2013

Japanese Fireworks (Hanabi)

In Germany it`s illegal to buy fireworks during any time of the year other than right before New Year`s. And usually that`s also the only time you get to see them.

In Japan fireworks are treated very differently and take place during summer. The “hanabi” itself is the main event (not just part of a closing ceremony). In August I went to see the “Oohori Fireworks” which are an annual event that is well known throughout all of Japan and attracted around 450.000 visitors last year. Many people dress in a Yukata for that occasion and reserve seats hours before the official start.

This year it started at 08:00 pm and I was getting worried about missing most of it, because my friends and I were running late when someone told me that it ends at 09:30 pm.

That`s one and a half hours of fireworks and if you get hungry you can buy something from the many food stalls that pop-up everywhere just for this day.

Every year they launch around 6000 rockets and the result is amazingly beautiful. No matter where you turn, there are people standing around or sitting on the ground. Some people who have obviously been sitting there since the early morning and some who are craning their neck trying to catch a glimpse of the show.

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