Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Internship at Groundwork Fukuoka - by Daniel Bannert

My internship at Groundwork Fukuoka took place from August 19 until September 6.
Unfortunately I was ill during the first week, so the real start date was August 26th. Groundwork Fukuoka operates as an NPO, a non-profit organization.

On my first day I met all staff members of Groundwork Fukuoka, and most of the staff members of "Enya Kobo", another company located in the same building. I received a warm welcome and had a great start.

My first task was to write a self-introduction in English and Japanese, which was great because I could learn some new vocabulary and Kanji. This introduction was published on the website of Groundwork Fukuoka. My new colleagues helped me whenever I had questions.

I learned how to write proper Japanese and how to take phone calls in Japanese, too.

Since Thursday the 29th, I am helping out at "Herb Garden", a school for children who suffer from a visual impairment. Groundwork Fukuoka takes care of the maintenance of that school, eg.g. cleaning the building and environment. I was really looking forward to this and I am glad I can help and work with the children during my internship.

The atmosphere at Groundwork Fukuoka is really nice, their aims and activities made my interest in social and environmental topics grow. I am very happy I chose this organisation for my internship.

I am always looking forward to the next day and I know my the remaining time will be great, too.

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